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Lower Back Pain and Hydration (Drinking Enough Water)
Many people have found relief from lower back pain simply by drinking about six glasses of water a day. 2018-10-08 More.

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Teeth: New Low Cost Brush-On Treatment Cures Most Cavities
Good news on cavities: SDF cures most of them by being painted on the cavity - no drilling, filling, or anesthesia needed. 2018-04-19 More.

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Cancer: Major Good News on Immunotherapy
Best cancer news in a long time - even though it's still in mice. Very low doses of two immune drugs, injected directly into one tumor, eliminated that specific cancer everywhere in the body. This is likely to work for many kinds of cancer. 2018-02-20 More.

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How Do Babies Get Refreshed?
Human cells accumulate defective molecules as they age. When cells divide for ordinary growth and repair, these defects are passed to the daughter cells. But just before fertilization, they are cleared from the egg cell. Scientists are just beginning to understand this process - knowledge that might in the future help to slow or reverse aging by repairing other body cells. 2018-01-31 More.

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PrescriptionDrug Price Gouging: You Can Pay TEN TIMES MORE for Same Drug - How to Protect Yourself
* Consumer Reports secret shoppers found huge out-of-pocket price variations for exactly the same drug, depending only on which pharmacy you walk into. This matters most if you have no drug insurance - or insurance with a big deductible. Different U.S. drugstores are not the same.
* Check an online price for your prescription first, for example at, or Be sure to search for the generic name of the drug. Then even if you fill the prescription elsewhere, you will know what prices are in the ballpark, vs. ten times or more too high. 2018-02-12 More.

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Beers Criteria (Beers List): Drugs to Avoid or Use with Caution in Older Adults
The American Geriatrics Society publishes a list of drugs to be used cautiously if at all by persons over 65. 2018-01-31 More.

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Great Variations in Aging Process (Not Just Lifespan) Among Different Animals
Good news: there are huge differences in how different species age. Aging as humans know it is not inevitable. 2018-01-31 More.

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