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Mission and Focus

Aging research is moving much faster today than ever before - due mainly to Silicon Valley money, and government interest in reducing healthcare costs. Research news can suggest hints for personal health as well. Our mission is to provide concise, non-commercial overviews of some of the most important aging research news today.

Besides research news we include practical information such as:

In 2018 Americans already live 34 years longer than our great grandfathers - a second adult lifetime - due to public health and medical advances. But while the average lifespan has increased greatly, maximum human lifespan, about 120 years, has increased little. Research happening now could change that. (Although it might take decades to know for sure - because if a treatment were started in middle age, say age 50, it would take 70 years for those people to reach 120. So we will need to use best judgment in evaluating research, instead of waiting for certainty.)

The publisher, John S. James, is a medical writer who published and mostly wrote AIDS Treatment News for 20 years - a newsletter on mainstream, experimental, and complementary/alternative treatments for HIV/AIDS (see Underground Press Leads Way on AIDS Advice, New York Times, 1991) - or search for "AIDS Treatment News" with the quotation marks. We started this site to provide similar news on another disease that is fatal without treatment: aging.

By non-commercial we mean no ads, no sponsorships with anyone with products to sell, and no financial interest in anything we write about. And when important news is behind a paywall, we look for other reports of that news that are not. Non-commercial avoids hassles like excessive ads, re-scrolling of the page you are reading as new ads come in, and noise that plays without your consent. More importantly, while we do have a point of view we have no conflicting interests that have priority over your interests, unlike most commercial sites on the Web - a problem especially dangerous with health information. No one is funding this site.

We aren't attached to any one theory of aging. There are many legitimate scientific theories and we are open to all of them, looking for whatever practical results they can deliver.

How Do We Decide What News Is Credible?

We strongly favor news of peer-reviewed research publications. For example, almost half of the articles we tweeted in the last three years were from EurekAlert! Science News - a service run by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, for universities to distribute media releases when their scientists publish peer-reviewed articles. Most of the rest of the articles we selected are from similar organizations such as Science Daily, or directly from university media offices themselves, or news reports from reliable mainstream and other publications, or sometimes the original technical articles. This is the news we look at when deciding what to write about and summarize on the home page of this site.

How to Share Our Articles on Social Media

We do not use sharing buttons due to advertising trackers and other and privacy concerns. Instead, to share manually on Facebook, Twitter, email, or many other social networks, just copy the page URL (from the address bar above the page you want to share) and paste it into a new Facebook message, or into a tweet or email. Facebook will usually show the page automatically; most of the other networks (about 200 of them) will only show the URL, so you will probably want to add some explanation, and/or copy and paste our title.

Also, you can always share the link to our home page, www.agetreatment.org

How to Search Our Tweets

You can search our 4,000+ tweets going back more than 3 years. Use any Twitter search box (for example, at https://twitter.com/AgeTreatment). Search for whatever you want, but include 'agetreatment' in your search. You do not need to have a Twitter account.

Why We Changed From Our Old Site

Our old site, www.AgeTreatmentNews.org, aggregated aging news from 2015-2017, and added little information of our own. That page, with over 4,000 links to articles and our Javascript search engine, is now archived at www.agetreatment.org/archive (or you can use the 'Archive' tab above) - where you can still search the articles, but remember that they are only through 2017. For more recent aging news, click the 'Now' tab, which displays our Twitter feed, @AgeTreatment.

We used our old site for our own education about aging; but beyond that, the model did not work well because:

So we are going back to the kinds of articles we wrote for AIDS Treatment News for 20 years - but with the shorter articles more popular today, aiming for 500-800 words, plus links and references for more information. And we will continue to tweet mainstream news articles, and also our own articles, @AgeTreatment.


We do not collect personally identifiable information, track users, or sell user information. We use Google Analytics (which uses cookies) to see what our visitors want, but do not identify individual users.


AgeTreatment.org is created by a writer, not a doctor, and does not provide medical advice. This site is for information only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment. If you need treatment or have questions about a health condition, see a qualified medical professional.

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